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Terry New Denture Clinic, based in Bridgwater

Do You Need New Dentures?

Whether you’re looking to get new dentures, or want to replace your existing dentures with perfectly matched and freshly fitted ones, get in touch with Terry New Denture Clinic. I will provide you with the right dentures. I am based in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Comfortable & Visually Pleasing Dentures

Perfectly fitted dentures not only look great, but can boost your confidence, and transform your quality of life. At Terry New Denture Clinic, I believe that everyone has a unique and individual smile, which is why I make sure to create dentures that suit your exact measurements and preferences. I offer a variety of choice in denture shades and moulds.

I offer the following types of Dentures

Acrylic dentures

Chrome dentures

Flexible dentures

Titanium dentures

I provide home visits for patients as far as Yeovil in Somerset.

Get in touch for all of your denture requirements – Home visits are offered.

Looking for a reputable denture clinic in Bridgwater?

Meeting Your Specific Needs & Preferences

I can make complete dentures without a prescription from a dentist to your specific requirements. Patients with natural teeth or implants must see a dentist before they CDT can begin treatment; CDT’s refer patients to a dentist if they need a treatment plan or if the CDT is concerned about the patient’s oral health. For more information, please get in touch.


Terry New Denture Clinic
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